9 Ways You Can Use Pool Noodles Outside the Pool


You will love these floating pool toys just as much as your children when you find out just some of its many uses.

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As a Card Holder

It’s easy to keep card organized when using part of a pool noodle as a holder. This is especially useful for smaller children who have trouble holding the cards.

As a Headband Organizer

These cylinder-shaped foam toys can be handy when organizing your accessories. They hold headbands perfectly.

Makes a Trampoline Safer

For those who have the older model trampoline, the springs are exposed. You can easily make your old trampoline safer by covering the springs with these inexpensive foam straws. They can add a colorful update to a favorite outdoor toy.

To Identify Glasses

Because these foam toys have a hollow interior, they can go around wine glass stems. If you cut the sides, you can easily have a colorful marker so your glasses don’t get mixed up.

As a Light Holder

This great invention can be used for romantic purposes too. Placing LED lights in their center can create a romantic ambience to a cozy night indoors or outdoors.

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