What is the Secret Behind Social Media Selfie Stardom?

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If you’ve ever ventured through all social media sites, you might have noticed that they all have one thing in common—selfies! Now try searching for the tag #selfie and you will be overwhelmed by the huge number of photos that return. Unless you live in a place where selfies are banned, you probably have your own fair share of selfies.

Selfies are more than just random pictures taken by your camera. In order to take the perfect selfie, you need certain skills, killer poses, and the perfect timing. Here are tips on how to gather a lot of likes and shares with your next selfie:

Check your lighting

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Use bright lipsticks that suit your tone

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You can also go natural

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Focus on the features you want to be noticed

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Spread positive vibes with your selfies

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Show different and new things

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Use selfie sticks

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Enhance your photos with Filters

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Try snapping something else aside from your face

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Experiment with different poses

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Consider your surroundings and not just your selfie

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Keep track of the current trend

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