Ever Wondered What Your Toys Look Like Inside? This Artist Opens Up Our Toys!

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When the first Toy Story installment was released in 1995, many wondered about what our toys do when we put them down. Do they really come to life? It’s a question everyone wants to answer . . . or maybe just this guy.

Jason Freeny got very curious on what’s on the inside of toys that he performed some sort of a surgery on them. The result of his creative imagination? Something awesome—ly creepy.

Freeny has done both adorable and creepy sculptures with cutaways of his favorite toys. He designs awards and props for famous magazines like MTV and Heavy Metal. Since he works as an artist, he has let his imagination working and put life to inanimate objects.

Here are some of his works.

Skulls . . . skulls . . . skulls.

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This seems legit.

This is a scary version of a gummy bear!

Even robots have bones and organs

Mr. Potato Head has a big . . . head!

James Sullivan, you’re creepy inside and out!

So Hello Kitty has five fingers on each hands. Really?

No wonder Sid has small brains

Who would have thought that these toys can actually have surreal structures? Freeny made them look very similar to a human’s real anatomy, although it turned out to be a little creepy in a way.

You can view more of Freeny’s creations on his online store.

Check out these videos: