PEOPLE Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Doctor Alive’ Auctions Off Romantic Date for Charity


Attention, ladies!

Dr. Mikhail Varshavski, or Dr. Mike if you would like to call him, is auctioning off a romantic date with him. Yes, the real-life McDreamy is partnering with dating app Coffee Meets Bagel for a good cause, and he’s literally giving himself away in the process.

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Dr. Mike, 26, is not only a family medicine resident doctor at Overlook Medical Center in Summit, New Jersey, he is also an Instagram celebrity with over 1.3 million followers. To add to his already smoldering resume, the man has established himself as an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He mans the charity Limitless Tomorrow, which aims to assist individuals struggling financially to reach their goals.


Dr. Mike also got the coveted  PEOPLE magazine‘s “Sexiest Doctor Alive” title.

He sure knows how to use his newfound fame the right way. The doctor is putting his influence to his admiring public to a good use by auctioning a romantic date of a lifetime. The prize includes a paid trip to New York City, dinner at a fancy restaurant, and accommodations in a 4-star hotel.

Now if that’s not enough to make you fall in love with him, maybe the photos below will.

Dr. Mike is passionate about what he does


We should remind you that even PEOPLE thinks he’s sexy


His 1.3 million followers on Instagram seem to agree too

date6 date92

Dr. Mike specializes in osteopathy, which emphasizes the need for movement to prevent health problems


With that, he promotes a healthy lifestyle in the process


But like most of us lonely souls, the handsome man is looking for love


The only difference is that the reason he’s looking for a partner is not just to feed his empty heart but to help a charity too.

Dr. Mike also loves animals, especially this cute husky


“Just a man and his dog against the world,” he writes in his Instagram profile.


The doctor loves the high life too


He constantly jets off to see the world


But let’s face it, it’s his physical assets we all love

date93 date94 date95

But we don’t think Dr. Mike will have any trouble finding a date


If you’ve got ten dollars to spare, then make a donation. You won’t just get a chance to get a date with this dreamy doctor but you’ll help out too. The auction will end on January 27.

“I’m incredibly excited to see who will be my date,” Dr. Mike wrote. “Let’s raise money for an amazing cause and have some fun in the process.”


Watch the video below

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