Family “Let It Go” This Christmas with Jaw-Dropping ‘Frozen’ Lights Display


Almost everyone has seen the movie or at least heard the song from the animated film Frozen.

One of the bigger elements in the movie is . . . snow. Yes, snow. Lots and lots of snow. So what could be a better theme for Christmas than the Elsa, Anna, and the Kingdom of Arendelle. And what could be a better song to sing this cold season than “Let It Go”.

Though it may not be an exact replica of the film, a family from Austin, Texas, lit up their entire Christmas the Frozen way!

The Storms, whose surname perfectly suits their chosen theme for the season, decorated their entire abode with stuff that are reminiscent of the hit Disney film.





John Storm, the father, said to ABC News that he and his wife are big Disney and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation fans and Christmas in general. He added, “We do it out of our love for the holidays. My youngest daughter picked the ‘Let It Go’ song for this year.”



Setting up the lights wasn’t an easy task. According to the Storms, it took them three weekends to make sure that the lights, which were more than 25,000, were properly set up to avoid accidents and ensure that they would work.

But looking at the result, the family thinks all of their hard work was worth it. According to John, they get to experience a nice evening with everyone as many people come out to see their spectacular light show.



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