Find Out Why This Woman is the Most Messaged Girl in New York

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Do you ever wonder what it feels like to be ridiculously popular? Lauren Urasek can probably help you with that.

Lauren Urasek is apparently New York’s most messaged gal on OkCupid according to a research.



Because of the fame, her life drastically changed. She received thousands of questions from curious people about her immense experience in dating; and indeed, she can tell a lot of stories enough to last a week about different types of men she met on her dates. So many that she even wrote about it and published a book titled Popular.

Aside from dating tips and advice, as a makeup artist, she also gets asked how she looks gorgeously attractive on her photos. Here are some of her tips that will be of great help to anyone who wants to become famous like her.

Flaunt Your Figure with a Full-Body Pic

Highlight the parts that you want to be noticed. Do a little edit on the whole image but not to the point where you completely swallow the whole photo. The perfect lighting can also be a huge plus to the effect of the picture.



Photos of Your Adventures Are Great Icebreakers

People instantly want to ignite a conversation with you if you’ve had the same experiences. Some who want to try the same activities you’ve done would also love to hear your anecdote so they can have an idea on what to expect.

Level Up Your Selfies



Here are her tips on how to step up your selfies:

  • Zoom in is a no-no because this will decrease photo quality.
  • If you want to have different photos of yourself, then don’t hesitate to snap your “bad side.”
  • Avoid looking like you are still in MySpace by holding your arm a little bit above eye level.
  • Instagram filters will mess up your perfect photos. If you want to enhance your pics, use apps instead.

Never Let a Mirror Selfie Go to Waste

Make sure that the background is neat, literally. When you do a mirror selfie, don’t look at the mirror. Establish eye contact with the viewers by looking at the camera. Selfies that show your hobbies will also get you a lot of attention.



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