Most Epic Sunburns You Will Never Forget



Getting fried while relaxing in the sun is so not the right way to get tan this summer. So get your sunscreens ready, along with your sun hats and umbrellas if you don’t want to end up on our list below.

From bikini lines to crazy landscaped back, here are 12 of the most epic sunburns caught by the lenses.

An imprint of a yogurt bowl and a spoon

Tribal themed burns

When hat and sunglasses aren’t enough

Gingers burn the most

Cropped top is not a very good idea



Caitlin just stole Kim’s sun screen

Camo prints at the back

This criminal is trying to alter his looks

AC/DC Tattoos has never been this burning cool

A Supporting actor from the movie Coccoon



Is he wearing a transparent hat?

Immortalizing tee lines into his body

This Lobster with The Tanktop Made Of Human Skin

This Girl Who Switched To A Two-Piece

Mr. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes Over Here



Why Are Dudes Wearing Bikini Tops So Frequently?

Unless you want a tattoo made of burning sun, then you should learn the valuable lesson of protecting your skin this summer from these crazy burns.

Check out videos below.


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