The Owners of These 13 Animals Dyed Them Ridiculous Colors …Seriously??

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The cuteness of our pet animals comes naturally. We can’t just help but giggle every time we see them doing their own stuff. But what if you add a little color on them, would you still think they’ll look cute? We’re about to show you the animals that look a little bit cuter after their owners dyed their hair.


Catzilla? Is that what they’ll call me now?

The Easter chicken hunt

I am now a robodog. I will destroy you.

Pika Pika . . . Pikachuuu!

We are the golden tribe.



Are you happy now that you’ve done this to me?

Look what you’ve made me!

Hey, seriously, I’m not a panda.

Did i do something bad to deserve this?

Is this my punishment for the bomb pop I ate?



Why include the whole family?

My hump, in the back and in the front.

Sesame Dog Street

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