13 Types of Guests That Drive You to Skip Your Thanksgiving Gathering


Holidays or basically any family get-together can be stressful, but no one hates Thanksgiving. How could you hate a holiday where eating until you’re stuffed is expected. You just laze about and wait for the food at dinner time. It’s that time of the year where you have to hang out with your family no matter how annoying they can be.

So as you pack your things to go to your relative’s house, consider all the people that will be at the gathering.

Your cousin who keeps taking SnapChats on her iPhone

You need to tell her to stop because you aren’t even on SnapChat.

The family member who can’t hear

Grandpa. Hey, Grandpa, pass the stuffing.

The uncle who talks too much

You don’t want to start a conversation with him because it will never end.



The boyfriend/girlfriend that’s just tagging along

They probably don’t want to be there either.

The relative assigned to be the grocery store runner

This person is only volunteering so they have a chance get away for a few hours.

The successful relative

Your overly enthusiastic aunt will be ready to tell you stories of your wildly more successful cousin.



The relative who wants to do a political debate

This person will be holding a glass of wine, dressed in a button-up shirt and khakis saying, “What do you mean you’re not voting for Donald Trump?”

The religious relative

You’re so hungry but your relative is saying the longest prayer ever.

The cousin you forgot because he was hiding in the den watching football

He could be a genius because who wouldn’t want to kick back in front of a TV for the day.

The relative who’s been cooking all day and is beyond stressed out

Stay out of the kitchen unless you want to see them explode.



The relative who suggests you all play a game

No one wants to play Dominoes or Scrabble, but you just can’t say no to your over eager aunt.

The relative who keeps offering you seconds

You can’t take another bite, or you will pop the buttons on your jeans.

The nosy aunt with all her questions about your life

This aunt needs to relax. She wants to know every single one of your life plans.



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