14 Hilarious Cats Who Need Help After Getting Stuck

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There is a famous saying that “Curiosity kills the cat.”

Due to their clumsiness and willingness to go into smallest possible room that they could find, they always get into trouble. They constantly find themselves stuck in constricting and tight spaces. You wouldn’t have also imagined how they get into some impossible places, and you cannot figure out what they were doing.

So what is the best way to deal with them when you find them in these peculiar situations? Grab a camera, of course!

We appreciate a little laughter from their misfortunes, but these are 14 cats do not look too happy about their owners taking the shot before helping them out of their current predicament.

1.  How the hell did he got up there?

2.  A black hanger stuck in the head of a black cat.

3.  Look what came with the mineral water package.

4.  The face of true horror when  you are surrounded by fear.

 5.  This little guy is drowning from the couch cushions.

6.  Maybe, he thought that he is falling from a really high place.

7.  Stuck in between the mattresses.

8.  Let me just put my head into this plastic cup.

9.  Cat wrestling.

10.  If I fit, I sit.

11.  What could possibly go wrong?

12.  Poor kitty tried to climb the net.

13.  This isn’t suppose to happen.

14.  “No! Somebody save me from falling.”

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