14 Most Unlucky Events Caught On Camera …Some of these are PAINFUL!


Almost everybody these days owns a phone with camera. It is quite easy to capture unexpected—and sometimes unfortunate—events with our cameras. This list pays homage to the people who think that taking a picture first before helping is the most important thing. If not for them, the Internet would have not had thousands of hilarious photographs to feast on.

Here are ten of these unfortunate events that were captured using cameras.

Birds Playing Target Practice

bird poop car

It Sucks to Be a Polar Bear These Days


This Seagull Did Not Like Titanic

Riding Your Bike in the Snow is Not Always a Good Idea


This Camel Is Trying to Eat a Child


Man Gets Major Wedgie After Falling Off of Yacht


It’s Not Snowing Here

The Revenge of the Bull


That’s Not How You Ride That!

Make Sure to Check for Dogs Before Sunbathing


Curiosity Killed the Cat!

cat Snake

People Don’t Know What to Do When an Ice Storm Hits Georgia, United States

CNN iReporter Dylan Wintersteen snapped this photo of abandoned cars along Georgia 400, a major north-south highway north of the heart of Atlanta. The photos were taken around 3pm Wednesday, January 29, 2014.

Earth Opens Up to Eat Three Cars

Chicago Fire, Water along with Streets and Sanitation departments respond to a sink hole which swallowed three vehicles and exposed a 24 inch gas line at the 9600 block of south Houston Avenue on Chicago's south side on Thursday, April 18, 2013.

This Sheep


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