15 Movies You Thought Were Two Thumbs Down But Actually Left You in Stitches


Sometimes, you can’t tell the difference between a stupidly funny movie and just a really plain dumb movie from just the trailers alone. However, there are countless comedies that end up as cult funny, despite it’s moronic lines and antics.

Check out below our list of movies you may have assumed were just too low brow but may be worth a second look:

The House Bunny

Hard to go wrong with a cast like Emma Stone, Kat Dennings, and Anna Faris. The House Bunny will certainly have you laughing and smiling.


The movie is incredible and highlights the number of hysterical scenes where Donald Sutherland is in a German outfit. A great movie to watch with friends.

Not Another Teen Movie

You see another side of Chris Evans in this movie. One of the funniest scenes is where Evans tries to sing “Janie’s Got a Gun” to a girl as a romantic gesture but ends up causing a panic because people think she has a gun.

Undercover Brother

What makes this movie an absolute gem are the mayonnaise jokes and Dave Chappelle as a conspiracy theorist who believes George Washington Carver made the first computer out of a peanut.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Probably shouldn’t watch this film in front of your parents. The movie revolves around the story of Jay and Silent Bob and their discovery about what the Internet is all about… and attempt to protect their online image.



Hot Rod

If you’re looking for a movie that can brighten up your heavy mood, Hot Rod is definitely for you.

Wet Hot American Summer

Like Super Troopers, Wet Hot American Summer has achieved significant cult status. Watch the movie and then watch the entire Netflix series, which was filmed 15 years after the movie but has a plot that happened six weeks earlier. It’s really a gag that never gets old.

She’s the Man

She’s the Man features how hilarious and talented Amanda Bynes in her early films. It also features Channing Tatum before he was every girl’s dream guy.

The Hot Chick

The Hot Chick has every reason to be a terrible film. However, whatever magic they are using to make this movie work is effective. The film features the famous comedian Rob Schneider and Rachel McAdams before she was popular.

Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

Although its sequels were not as good, the movie Harold and Kumar Go to White Caste is certainly an epic one.



The Ladies’ Man

The Ladies’ Man is a classic. Good jokes, good vibes, and simply good times are what this film has to offer.


It looks somewhat cheap and corny at first, but don’t judge the book by its cover.

Super Troopers

Super Troopers is probably one of those movies that was too successful in the box office to have made this list. The film has gotten plenty of attention, and it is all well-deserved. However, with its corny and goofy cops, it just had to be here.

Dude, Where’s My Car?

Dude, Where’s My Car? is all about aliens and two challenged friends who can’t even figure out where the other one’s car is. But hey, Ashton Kutcher gets a pass on this one?

Scary Movie 3

Scary Movie 3 is simply spectacular. Sadly, the film was Leslie Neilsen‘s last great role before he passed away. Just having the legendary Neilsen is enough reason to watch the movie.