15 Photos That Will Leave More Questions Than Answers …Are These For Real?


People mess up from time to time. That’s a given. Nobody is perfect… However, these people appear to be in a whole lot of trouble that requires a long explanation to enlighten people about the confusing situation they got caught in.

Jason messed up… Big time


I wonder what this pelican did, but he looks guilty


Chris Brown needs some originality


Women and bathroom mirrors-The horror!


Come at me, bro; I dare you; I double-dare you



The annual conference of Pepsi haters


You can see a sketch of her deer on the wall


This guy. Everything about this photo is confusing


Watermelons and guns are this woman’s favorite things in the world

To avoid predators, elephants build nests on tree branches… Seems legit



For the love of bread


Scream bloody murder in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1


This dude knows how to pick up chicks


Looks like someone got caught


What the….


The people in these videos also have some explaining to do: