15 Truths and Struggles Only Women Will Understand

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Girls are hard to understand. You can ask any man, and they will tell you it is hard to read a woman’s mind. Here are some videos that represent just a bit of what a woman goes through.

Women all over the world can relate to these situations:

You still call Mom for everything

There are some questions you just have to ask your mom.

When you realize you’re shedding

Women with long hair have this problem.

You’ll always need Dad’s advice

When you have a flat tire, you’ll probably call Dad first.

You can get creative with your excuses

There are so many reasons you can’t work out.



If bridesmaids were honest, would there be less weddings?

Why do bridezillas think being a bridesmaid is fun?

When you’re a foodie

This is for the girls who can seat down and eat a heavy meal.

Oh, single life

Some people are good at being single.

Ever wonder if your crush is gay?

Cyberstalking is really a part of dating life now.



These are some signs you need to get it together

It’s hard to be a capable human being.

When it feels like the semester will never end

In the last semester of college you just want to get out of there.

Being brutally honest in relationships is tough

Sex can be awkward.

Women can curse too

But your mother would wash your mouth out with soap if she heard you.



When you have a weird dream about a coworker

Sex dreams happen, but it can be awkward when you’re dreaming of your friend at work.

If you’re a girl who knows how to drink . . .

This is for all the ladies who love their liqour.

Sometimes guys think you’re obsessed with them

It’s so awkward you want to roll up and hide.



Watch these videos below.


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