These 16 Random Coincidences Will Have You Rolling on the Floor Laughing



It’s funny how things happen in the most unexpected ways you can ever imagine, like when you are out on a dinner date wearing a floral dress and the restaurant’s curtains has the same floral prints as the outfit you’re wearing, or when a street sign fell on your head and it read “Fell Street”.

Fortunately, some of these priceless moments were captured in the camera. Are you ready to have a good laugh? Scroll down and check out 16 of the most random coincidences below that will make your day.

Another Victim in the Making

Isn’t This Supposed to be the “Wind Seeker”?

Rainbow Indeed

Fell, Literally…

What Was the Name of that Restaurant Again?



Less the Eyeglasses

What? LOL!

It’s High Time for a New Sofa

We Get It, You’re a Pilot

Taylor Swift Craze





Orange Stripes on the Rage

50 Cents for 50 Cent

Call 1-877-373-Hurt Right Away

Gradient All the Way

Makes Sense…



You Belong

Check out more random coincidences in the videos below:

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