19 Funny Church Signs That Will Put a Smile on Your Face!


Church signs are supposed to be taken seriously and revered because they contain phrases from the Bible or words of praises for the Almighty. However, there are times when church signs are totally spontaneous, giving “Genesis” to these hilarious and funny messages.

We have prepared a list below of 19 of the most hilarious church signs you’ll ever see.

There really is still hope!

Something that the hipster will appreciate

Well, they did warn you

Well played



Something to ponder on while having a swim

Can’t argue with this one

Because they’re all about that grace

Just another don’t-text-while-driving announcement

They shout the name Jesus too



Oh the pun

Heard it’s quite effective

Will it help down there?

Pretty sure it won’t

This could be true



Totally puts things in perspective

Fo’ Shizzle

They also have cookies

Thumbs up for the creativity

This could be the solution to traffic issues




Watch these videos below.

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