19 Memes That Parents Can Definitely Relate To …We’ve Been There


Parents go through a lot every day. They exhaust themselves finishing household chores while making sure all the needs of their kids are well attended. So to pay a tribute to them, we have prepared a few memes that will make them shed tears of laughter and relieve the stress.

A whole new level of chilling

Eating outside is always “fun”

“Mommy, I made a selfie!”

Couldn’t get any truer

Bedtime is the happiest time



Had to rethink this one

This thought doesn’t even sound weird

The pie chart that explains it all

Seriously, this should concern you

You yourself must have even heard him say it



A lot of parents can relate to this

Parents tend to be more emotional

That moment when you have to be extra careful because one wrong move can go really red

When your kid loses a shoe

Secretly praying it is “okay.”



Parents can be really corny

The struggle is real

An amazing find indeed

Parents always break the rules




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