These are the Most Hilarious “Sports Faces” Ever Caught on Film …OMG!

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When you are competing in sports, you tend to focus on the game and aim for the win no matter what it takes. But while you go for the gold and some people are on for the show, others just want to have fun. Yes, fun. And by fun, we didn’t just mean “enjoying the game”, but also having a good time with everything that goes on. This might translate into screaming faces and ridiculous looks and silly stances like the photos below:

1. Getting High Before Going Down

2. Mad Max

3. “Look at Me”

4. Tastes Delicious

5. The Exorcism faces

6. “No Surgeries, No Cosmetics, Just the Real Me”

7. Boys Don’t Cry faces

8. Whale Attack!

9. Squirrel Tail-Inspired Hair

10. What’s with Swimmers and Their Faces

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