20 Hilarious Photos of Grammatical Errors

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We all have come to that point where we shrug off grammar rules because they don’t matter anyway. We know that grammar is dynamic in itself, so changing some rules and ignoring the old ones is just plainly acceptable. And rules on English grammar can get really annoying sometimes. Imagine this: the plural of box is boxes, but the plural for ox is not oxes but oxen; and a pair of foot is feet and tooth is teeth, but a pair of boot is not beet while a set of booth is not beeth.

There are so much craziness about the English grammar, but it’s grammar anyway. We can ignore it, but the consequence is sometimes dangerous Check out these photos of grammatical errors that end up frustrating than hilarious.

The Irony Though

No, I Can Make Babies Myself

Then v. Than, It’s Improtant

So This Is What’s Happening Inside

Okay, I Will



This Is Not Hot, Victoria

Would Not

Do Better in the “2th”

Second Graders Still Don’t, Mommy

Beach Owns the Clean



Wonder How the All Others Will Look Like

Just . . .  Eat

New Level of Abbreviation

You’re Losing It, Dude

Plainly Wrong



Correct It or Get the F*** Out

Here We Go Again

Now How to Follow This Instruction

Didn’t Know Spongebob Does That

TGIF, I Guess

Yes, grammar rules can be irritating, especially when the message is still conveyed properly anyway. But it does not really hurt to just follow what is set and go on with the conversation properly. And these photos are enough to prove that after all, it is important.

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