These 20 Hilarious Pictures of Police Officers will Make You Never look at Law Enforcement the Same



Policemen have been living to their mission “To serve and protect,” but what if something goes wrong while they’re on the line of duty? Apparently, police officers can be pretty funny too once you get to know them. And if you have been arrested a couple times, you can even get a little closer. The good thing about police getting caught being hilarious is that they are all caught in camera. Check out these twenty funniest police pictures that will surely change the way you see the police.

You’re getting arrested, kid, for over speeding.

So how do you plan on getting me to jail?

It seems that these two policemen came from their daughter’s ballerina class.

That’s one way to protect yourself, Officer.

This is what they really do when chasing bad guys.

Let me sing a song for you.

Greatest police fail of all time.

I wonder if he already realized it.

Stop, cat! You’re under arrest.

This is how they train our policemen to chase bad guys.



Meanwhile, during the meeting of high ranked officers . . .

This is the most peaceful way to attack the police during the rally.

That smile though.

You’re under arrest for being a threat at the intergalactic space.

Bring me a doughnut, or I’ll arrest you.

This is how the government feeds the police.

The newest and most advanced police training.


Being a police officer is really tough.


Police nowadays . . .

Would you dare to steal a police officer?

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