22 Minion-Inspired Items On The Verge of Being Ridiculous


Minions have taken the world by storm since their first adorable appearance in the Despicable Me movie franchise.

Since then, kids—and let’s face it, adults also—have been pretty erratic about these tiny yellow creatures whose purpose in life is to serve the greatest super villain of all time.

Minions merchandise were popular when the first movie came out, but pretty soon, the craze sky-rocketed when the third installment and prequel of the franchise, Minions, was launched into the theaters.

Today, we bring you Minion products, advertisements, and concepts that went beyond boundaries of cuteness and rather ended up being creepy.

1.  Minion Tic Tac

tic tacs


2.  Minion Panties

minions thong


3.  Minion Thongs


4.  Creepy Minion Makeup

minion makeup no hair


5.  Minions Taking Over Cinerama Dome

minions on dome





6.  Minion Duct Tape


7.  Minion Toilet Brush and Twinkies

minion on toilet brush and twinkies


8.  Minion Dog Costumes

minion dog costumes


9.  Minion Goggles

minions googles


10.  Minion MacBook Keyboard Stickers

minions keyboard





11.  Minion Heels

minion heels


12.  Minion Swimsuit

minion swim suit


13.  Another Horrifying Minion Makeup

minion makeup with long hair”


14.  The One Direction Minion Shirt

one direction minion shirt


15.  Minion Bed





16.  Evil Minion/Minion Tattoo


17. Minion-Inspired Vine Video


18.  Minion Magic Mike

minion magic mike



19.  Minion Bedroom


20.  Minion Nail Art





21.  Minion Ringtones

minion ringtones


22.  Minion Crocs

minions crocs

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