23 Images That Will Have You on the Edge of Your Seat


Watching tightrope walkers, base jumpers, and other extreme sport athletes perform always make us nervous. But these are professionals and have trained for quite a long time before they take the risk of doing their acts—unlike the people in the GIFs and pictures below. Watching these images make our palms sweaty, knees weak, and arms like spaghetti.

lady almost gets hit by tree

man on motorcycle crashes into car sticks landing

man about saw another mans back

man stepping on wine bottles

edge of your seat human lader



man slides down roof lands on stairs

man taking selfie from tall building

tree about to hit road sign

nuclear power plant next to spider farm

edge of your seat crash



edge of your seat boards

man with one foot on wire one foot on ladder

edge of your seat window wash

edge of your seat hand truck

edge of your seat dog canoe



man about to be hit by demolition rock

truck about to topple over

monster ruck stopping before crashing into people

man on side of building on ladder

man standing on ladder supported by wood and two more ladders



dj setup in pool

man skateboarding on ledge of building

edge of your seat tank brakes

It’s either these people are craving for some thrill or are just so bored to keep staying at home. But we can not blame them. We all need some thrill at some point in our life anyway. They might just have gone overboard with theirs.

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