25 Notes on Restaurant Receipts That Will Crack You Up


Restaurant receipts being posted on the Internet is a common thing nowadays. But these are nothing like you’ve ever seen before.

Here is a compilation of tender, insulting, and just extremely outrageous restaurant receipts that will make you cry in laughter.

The mathematician

You have been warned


Somebody didn’t like their service

“Tonight, we dine in hell!”

It’s all in the training



Just plain rude

Unsolicited remarks


But why?


Asking real questions



The cook doesn’t get the tip, but we punish the waitress?

When you are feeling poetic

Wait, what?

Lucky you

You’re not the only one

That’s a nice description



The game show host


You do the math

Just terrible

Honest Abe’s in the house

Do you smell the Benjamins?

There was a debate



Watch this video below.


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