25 People Having Really Lousy Days …Your Day is Not as Bad as These?


We have all experienced  that day when the whole universe is conspiring to get onto our last nerve. One day, everything works perfectly like German engineering. The next day, everything goes from zero to tragic.

But perhaps you’ll feel better knowing that those days were not like the ones in the series below. You can bet these guys are having it rough. Really rough.

Looks like someone’s got some explaining to do

Which is scarier? The ride or getting stuck on it?

Maybe your profile pic is just un-BEAR-able

That moment when you are trying to fix something but create a bigger problem instead

A new paint job for your wall . . . and foot

It seems the car is working perfectly fine

Her cake must have been Phone-tastic

Now you won’t have to worry about scratches on your hood



It took him long enough to realize

One question: How?

“I’m sorry for being late. I got held up by the train.”

This horse and the officer are in a serious relationship

Have you ever been so drunk you became a bear?

Bumblebee approved



Fast delivery service at its finest

When you see it . . .its probably too late

A male in a mailbox

“I see no problem here, officer.”

What fine lips you got there, mate

Who needs keys when you don’t have locks?



“Don’t mind me. Just passing through.”

Stuck in “huge” traffic, literally

Your keys have forsaken you

Poo-dgeon attack

The real Angry Birds


These people are having a dreadful day too:

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