29 Store Signs That Are Too Funny to Be True


Have you ever had that experience where you’re just casually strolling on the side walk or driving down the road, but then out of nowhere, a hilarious sign appears, and finds you laughing hysterically? If you have, then you’ll definitely be able to relate to this list.

These signs are just downright hilarious, and the best part about it is that you may find one near your area. Check them out.

Funny but true

The Dyslexic Sign

Clever sign right here

Well, that actually explains a lot

Couldn’t argue with that

They don’t get us drunk either

Quite convincing



But we love books


Though some may have wished otherwise


A whole new educational course

You definitely need a date

Nice word play there

This sign is mathematically correct

Is this perhaps a confession?



Shine like a diamond

A well-made poem?

The sign says it all

They’re not that kind of protection

Who would steal sign letters?


The puns are pur-fect

What a happy Mother’s Day!



This is wrong in so many ways

Not your typical end-of-the-world sign

We prefer fatty lettuce with oily onions please

This sign deserves to win in a spelling bee

Let’s not scream then

Is this legal?

But cats love it!




Watch more funny signs with this video below.

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