30 Awesome Dads Who Don’t Mind Looking Ridiculous for Their Kids



Although most moms get the brunt of the hard work that comes with raising kids, there are dads, who are not spared from the horrors of changing diapers, waking up in the middle night for feedings or going through the training wheel stage. This is not to mention what these men might have to go through during the teen years of their offspring.

And, although dads may be recognized and lauded during Fathers’ Day every year, they do deserve more than that, especially the ones who are able to do things right and with a touch of sense of humor. Their efforts also need to given recognition even if it is not the third Sunday of June.

Below are a number of these dads who deserve to be given credit every day of the year. They may not look pretty with what they are doing all the time, but they sure know how to keep things light and funny.

I wonder how he’d look during recitals.


Now, this is one sure-fire way not to get the baby messy.


A tea party for three.


It’s amazing what some Dads will do to please their daughters. This is one good example.


This is a cool way to play a game while babysitting.




Who ever said only Moms know how to paint nails did not see this Dad at work.


If this is not leading by example, I don’t know what is.


We didn’t know Princess Leia was a man. But, then again, this is Luke’s father, is he not?


This Dad must have been so tired, he took any sleep he could get, including this.


Awwee…this is bow-tiful thing to see.




Daddy needs more than just a pedicure. He needs waxing as well.


This is a sweet Dad and daughter moment.


Having your kids make your back a road map is the perfect way to get a nap.


This father and daughter tandem will surely win the war of the galaxy.


This dad is the perfect palette for his daughter’s makeup application process.




To the mom of this tot, they may look adorable. But, to us…uhm…


This dad gave his daughter the perfect swing.


This dad is having the best of both worlds – his Xbox and some nail polish.


Now, that is a dedicated Frozen dad.


Nope. The ice cream did not melt down your back. Something else did.




You should take note that Meatloaf is the family cat.


Drink it all up, Dad.


Your Dad will always have your back and will even lend you his.


This hero tandem is going shopping. Clear the aisles!



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