30 Car Customization Fails That Will Make You LOL


There is a huge subculture of die-hard car fanatics out there who love to modify cars. Since the production of the first car ever, someone has tried to make it louder, faster, lower, higher, and everything else in between. Over the years, we have seen some amazing customized cars that have truly impressed us; however, along with good custom cars come a lot of really bad one as well. Let’s take a look at some of the worst.

The Mini Tank

The Breathing Dragon Car

The Taking a Poop Truck

Whatever This Thing Is

The Juicy Watermelon Car

The Slug-bug Turtle Car

Snake Car



Xenomorph Car

R2 the co-driver

A Real Life Transformer Car

Hummer on Wooden Wheels

Half car, Half Motorcycle

Wooden Door Mod

The “Batmobile”

It’s a Toy Car



Truck Car

3x Limousine Car

Car Eyelashes

6 Wheels Car

The TV is a Dumb Place Car

The Lowest of All

Optimus Prime Truck



Satan Car

The WTF is This Car

The Hatchback Trailer

Launchpad from Ducktales

Santa’s Car

I Need A Ladder to Get In My Car

The Most Difficult Car in the World to Park

Exhaust Pipes


Which car do you think is the dumbest?



Watch the videos below.



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