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30 Funny Oddly shaped fruits and vegetables

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Nature has its own brand of creativity and humor that leaves people wondering a lot of times. This is evidenced in some fruits and veggies that have been photographed and shared online.

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Odd Food

In reality, there are tons of reasons for a fruit or vegetable to grow into a weird or odd-looking shape. The most common reason though is damage. Whenever these fruits or vegetables are scarred at some point, their growth may slow down and result in deformations. For root crops like carrots and potatoes, insufficient fertilization may lead to strange growth.

Odd Carrot

In some countries though, fruits and vegetables are forced to grow into desired shapes such as hearts, squares or stars.

Thumbs Up Strawberry

Have you ever come across any of these weird-looking tubers, veggies or fruits yourself? If you have, then you’ve got to admit that the shapes of these fruits and vegetables are just too funny for you to eat them after all.

Odd Apple

If you have not seen these hilariously-shaped fruits and veggies yourself, below are several photos that will crack you up in no time:

Sad Potato
Odd Heart Shape
Odd Veggie
Lovely Couple Carrot
Odd Carrot



Odd Carrot
Strawberry Bear
Odd Berry
Strawberry fly
Squash Swan



Ginger Rabbit
Potato Bear
Foot Carrot
Heart Veggie



Tomato Duck
The Happy Eggplant
Horn Tomato
Sossy Daikon



The Walking Veggie
Butt Watermelon
Odd Veggie
Potato Heart

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