30 Instances Kids May Have Completely Wrecked Your Day



Children are adorable little angels and they are truly blessings to their parents and the rest of their families. However, you have to admit that they have their moments as well.

While they can be so charming one second, they can be quite exasperating the next. While they can be pictures of innocence one minute, they can become mischievous imps the next. And, there are times when they can outright ruin everything else going for you that day. The bad thing is that when these horrifying moments happen, you could not even stay mad at them for so long.

If you know what we mean, then you will definitely relate with the photos we have compiled below. If you don’t, then you must have not had children or been around with one for a day. So, just check out the images below and learn what it’s like.

Gordon Ramsey couldn’t have done it any better.


This kid thought he’d bring some sand into their home. He did not find some, so he just used the cornmeal.


Expensive floors and Sharpies will never become best friends. Never ever.


Ouch! There goes your source of pride. The evidence of all your efforts torn into pieces.


This smiling little imp knows exactly what she did.


Who ever said a kid could not have snow when he wants it did not see this one do it with flour.


So, what if you are sleeping? That won’t stop this kid from trampling you to wakefulness.




This is not the best way to use Vaseline. But, for the kid who did this, he could not care any less.


You would have freaked out more if instead of Vaseline, you’d find cocoa on your couch instead.


This kid has a funny way of marking the page left off by Mom. And, the imp thought the chair could use some markings, too.


Some kids don’t need bowls. They use the sink.


This kid wanted some sparkles on the carpet. The problem is it would be your job to clean everything up.


Okay, so the kid who did this thought a toothbrush and a toilet brush is the same thing.


I wonder what this stroller did to deserve this kind of devastation.



Add some jelly and this would be a peanut butter and jelly baby.




So, this was a tube of lipstick. Now? It’s a glob of color.


The kid in question here might have thought those bills are Monopoly money.


This is what happens when you expose a MacBook to a kid with crayons.


Did you want some home makeover? This is how your toddler will do it for you.


To be fair to this exhausted kid, you cannot just leave paint lying around and not expect this.


So, what do you think happened to the fish?


So, who was it that started this? No one would admit to the crime, that’s for sure.





It is one thing to bathe the kitchen floor with flour, but it is another thing to do this to the shoe closet.


So, how much did your moisturizers cost again?


Your sink is clogged up? We can understand why.


They wanted to powder their noses. They ended up powdering the entire floor as well.


The kid who did this was just trying to provide reading materials for Dad. But, he may have been a tad too helpful.


“Oh, so the toothpaste goes onto the toothbrush, not the hairbrush???”


Mom did not say which bag to place the trash in and the kid figured a purse is a bag like any other.


Nesquik might be a quick drink to make. But, to clean up? Now, that is another matter.




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