41 Cars Destroyed in the Dumbest Ways Possible


Most people with cars get upset at the slightest hint of scratch from their most precious vehicle. They do everything to protect their beloved car like a baby to avoid dents, and they constantly maintain its external and external parts to make sure that it is fully-operational and lustrous.

Some people, however, do not care. Sure, they may have gotten in an ill situation by accident, but they do the least efficient and most ridiculous way to get their vehicles out of the current predicament, damaging it more in the process.

Accident or intentional, we present to you 41 of the stupid things that people have done with their ride.

1.  Do not get out of your car when you are having a car wash.

2.  Follow road rules for your safety.

3.  Make sure to look where you are driving.

4.  Maybe your car wasn’t the right equipment.

5.  A vehicle driving into a pool.

6.  Unloading a car with wooden beams.

7.  “Let’s get this car out of hazards way.”

8.  A tree is stronger than this car.

9.  How to arrive like a jackass.

 10.  I will just drive straight into the police car.



11.  Pulling a car out of the ice.

12.  Where did that barrier come from?

13.  Watch me drive this car into a luxury vehicle.

 14.  Headstanding on the trunk of a car. What could possibly go wrong?

15.  Let me get snug between these two cars.

16.  Car trying to jump above the trailer.

17.  Look to your left and right before you proceed.


 18.  Tipped car explosion.

 19.  Didn’t see that coming.

20.  Maybe he was in a hurry.


21.  Taking a shortcut on a cliff.

 22.  Lifting a car with a crane.

23.  “Easy. . . Easy. . . Oh, just go for it!”

24.  What an amazing parking job.

 25.  Talk about Tokyo Drift.

26.  Another car explosion.

27.  Let me go first.

28.  Whew! That was close — too soon.

29.  Let’s just party before this gasoline explodes.

30.  Maybe he should think of doing gymnastics instead.



31.  Just keep the car running while I open the gate.

32.  Don’t forget to put your car in park.

 33.  Loading a car into a truck.

34.  Just transporting the car.

35.  Let’s just jump this train tracks.

 36.  What an epic stunt.

37.   Maybe he has to know the laws of physics first.

 38.  How to easily dismantle your car.

39.  An epic drift.

40.  Let me do a spin in the intersection.

41.  I will just parkour in the back of the car.



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