50 of the Most Hilarious Restaurant Name Fails


Aren’t we all afraid of failures? Like, when we fail an exam, we strive hard the next time, sleeping for only a few hours, just to ace the next test. If you’re an athlete, if you fail to reach the ideal speed, you try and try, a hundred times more, just to get it right.

Failures are good, in a way that it becomes a personal standard you set for yourself so you would not get yourself stuck in the same lame, pitiful spot. We try to avoid it as much as we can. But there are just some people who aren’t afraid to commit the same mistakes; they even flaunt it. Just like these restaurants from around the world whose names are just a sign of fivefold fails combined into one.

Check them out below and go rolling on the floor laughing.

Fook Yue Seafood Restaurant

One netizen commented, “Imagine how they would answer phone calls.” Uhm, yeah, that’s a bit of a problem.

Miso Honi 

Yes, honi, I miss you too.

Hung Far Low Restaurant

It’s a good thing hanging far low is not actually their specialty.

Thai Tanic 

This is how a Titanic die-hard fan expresses his love for Jack and Rose.

Bung Hole 

We all know what this means in vulgar slang, right? It’s not a good thing to say it here.

Dirty Dicks

Honestly, the name is what’s a little dirty

Fu King Chinese Restaurant

King of what, now?



This is supposed to be not just a meal. You smoke a blunt when you do this. Hope they don’t actually offer that there.


Pee & Poo Steak House

I’ve never heard these two been used together before, and I never thought it would be used by a restaurant either.


Happy Crack

Are we talking about the laugh, the sound, or  . . .?


Spleen Cafe

Dude, that’s somehow . . . intensetinal. And is this where we have to go if we have to let some bad temper out?


Cock & Camel

Even the camels would not want to hear this.



I wonder what kind of food this restaurant offers.


Rong Phuk Restaurant

Nothing could get more wrong than this.

Crabby Dicks Marketplace & Grill

And you know how the line below makes it even more epic?

The Golden Shower Restaurant

While it sounds so luxurious, it’s not that precious at all in vulgar slang.

Hitler’s Cross

Are  we gonna meet the rest of the Nazis here?

The Chocolate Log Confectionery & Coffee Shop

Cut the wrong log, man.

Wanker’s Corner Cafe & Saloon

 Do they really have a corner for that? 

 Flavors of Negros

I wonder how they taste.


Just come; don’t cum. Not nice.


Poon Palace

 Women would not want to be here.


Dildo Dory Grill

It should be food you get stuffed up with, not the dildo.


The Dead Fish Crab House & Prime Rib

 You would not want to remind your customers what you just killed.


Restaurant Kootchi

They feature the best of Afghanistan, not the one in their name. No.



Here comes the restaurant for those people who love to upload a photo before they eat just to show them that they actually did eat to which no one actually cares. And they sell real food, not ones made out of faces.


Kum Den Bar & Restaurant

It could have been relieving to know that they didn’t really mean it that way.



This is just bluntly and plainly . . . wrong.


I Don’t Know Sports Bar & Grill

We don’t know either.


The Golden Stool Bar, Restaurant, Night Club

Does this work like the famed hen who lays golden eggs? Are we gonna make some money after we eat?



Are they back? The third clan must have built a restaurant; I didn’t know.


B.A.D. Sushi

There’s no telling how bad they actually are.


My Dung

You shouldn’t be selling your dung, really. You flush them out.


Squat and Gobble Cafe Crepery

Quite a sound.


Phat Phuc Noodle Bar

It’s a good thing they tell people beforehand it’s a noodle bar.


Fatal Restaurant

That sounds cancerous.


Cabbage & Condoms

They should’ve just stopped at cabbage.


El Rape

They could get arrested for this.


B.O. Cafe

While the other doesn’t sound good, this one doesn’t smell nice.


Herpes Pizza

It is actually contagious. Hope they don’t spread that there. Even pizza lovers would hesitate to go.



It’s supposed to be a name for chicken and pizza. It turned out wrong.



We get rid of them, not eat.

Soon Fatt Chinese Take Away

We don’t want that to happen. That will result to a few years’ worth of exercise.


Chink’s Bar & Restaurant

This owner doesn’t know he’s trying to be a bit racist.


Pho Bich Nga

You really dug it right.


The Slug and Lettuce

It’s either you mix lettuce with a bullet or a liquor or get a knockout after eating.


Phuket Thai

Don’t phuket, just eat. The name doesn’t sound right, but we still hope the food’s worth the visit.


Pu Pu Hot Pot

It’s a Salvadorean slang for something that’s not actually fit for a restaurant.


Vagina Tandoori Indian Cuisine

Do they realize what they put up there?


Young Dong Garden

Never mind how young the dong is, but customers say they actually serve good food, so it’s all that’s supposed to matter.

Their names may all sound wrong, but they say we must not judge a book by its cover, right? So we still have to check them out. It’s not how they’re called; it’s how good the food they serve.

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