7 Colossal Wedding Fails- You Won’t Believe What Happened in #4



Shit happens. Even if you think you have everything all laid down on your special day like nothing could go wrong, there is certainly no perfect wedding. But, if you ran out of food during your most awaited day or dealt with late florists, they are just actually freckles of common wedding blunders compared to these epic fails below. Watch the videos below on the most legendary wedding fails of all time and rest assured your wedding day wasn’t that bad after all.


1. Drunk Guest Pulls Down the Wedding Tents While Pole Dancing

Wedding 101, if you are renting wedding tents, never set up a liquor bar or never let some strippers put a show on the dance floor. Seriously, this wild guest was so desperate  for attention and ended up literally bringing the house down and bruising the bride.


2. Best Man Wrecks the Wedding

 Fake or real, this video really made it to the list of the most epic wedding fails of all time. The Best Man was certainly at his worst behavior after tripping off the stage to give the ring, messing everything up including the bride and the priest.


3. Young Boy Falls Off During the Ceremony

This poor lad fell asleep while standing in front during the long sermon and took a fall. Maybe next time they can ask the preacher to cut down the message to thirty minutes or less?





4. The Bride is On Fire

So, why is the bride trying to serve these flaming drinks? If it’s part of the rite, then this ritual should be totally abolished forever. It does not only pose danger to the bride, but to the entire venue as well, unless the bride is a bartender or a waitress.


5. Epic Toasting of the Wine

During the toasting of the wine, this couple is the best. We wonder if the bride and groom knows how to cut the cake as well.


6. Bride’s False Teeth Falls into the Cup

When you have false teeth and you want to be perfect on your wedding day, stay away from wine. Learn it from this bride who took a huge gulp of the wine and left her teeth into the cup. Unless it’s an arranged wedding, the husband probably wouldn’t mind.





7. It’s Official – Facebook/ Twitter

When Einstein said “I fear the day technology will surpass human interaction”, he certainly didn’t expect it to go this far. While it seems pretty cute, it certainly is not a very good start for this couple. We just hope they won’t end up sleeping together with their hands on their phones.


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