Airline Video Teaches So Much About Flight Etiquette …This is Hilarious!


For most folks, we’ve experienced the trials and tribulations of air travel. Though there are those instances when unexpected things happen on-board a jet at 30k feet. But most all of us have come to understand the small amount of etiquette required for us all to transition through our travels.

Since airline etiquette seems to be a very hot topic today, JetBlue released a clip that teaches passengers a funny lesson about the subject matter.

Noted for its cheap and affordable flight specials, JetBlue released this series of videos highlighting proper flight etiquette. In one particular episode, they discussed the problems that most passengers experience when trying to go to the restroom.

Jacqueline Whitmore, who claims to be an international flight etiquette expert because of her considerable experience as a flight attendant, spoke on Michael Patrick Shiels‘s Michigan’s Big Show and shared some interesting insights about the topic. Perhaps, airline passengers can learn a lot from her talk.

At one point, she suggested that travelers shouldn’t really take matters into their own hands and rather seek help from flight attendants because they are more knowledgeable about how to deal with certain situations and basically because they are paid to do so.





The Huffington Post also posted a related article about the most annoying types of passengers you can encounter on your travels, which is based on a list by Whitmore. She highly recommends that when you wake up the “sleeper” to take a trip to the bathroom, give him a light tap in the shoulder, followed by a polite request. If you think this is too much, you can talk to him before he dozes off so that he’ll have an idea that you’ll be using the lavatory in a while.

As a responsible passenger, regardless of what kind of aircraft, even a Hello Kitty Aircraft, you still have to be considerate of the comfort of other passengers to ensure a better airline experience.


Watch JetBlue’s full video below.