These Animals Look Shockingly Fat …But in Reality They Aren’t Overweight, Just Pregnant

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Swollen feet and other symptoms of pregnancy have been proven to be hassles for pregnant women. Well, it turns out it’s the same for animals, too. Although the pregnancy period for animals is mostly shorter than humans, the last few days are tough for them as well. If you think about it, it is especially harder because they carry not one or two, but as many as six or seven little critters in them.

Here are some cute and adorable pictures of pregnant animals:

“Am I having a boy or girl? Both actually . . . times 5.”


“Ugh, Morning Sickness.”


“Remember, I’m eating nuts for two.”


So many little BABY FERRETS WAITING to happen!


As with humans, you should NEVER ask if a Female Elephant is pregnant because sometimes it’s hard to tell.





She’s “Udderly” ready to Burst.


Taking time to Rest is Important when you’re Expecting.


“Don’t Look at me! I Feel like a Cow!”


“Ok, I may have to do some Extra Ball chasing to work this Baby Weight off. “


If she doesn’t name at least one of her kittens “Mr. Bigglesworth”, I have no faith in Cats anymore.



I could hardly tell you were pregnant with those vertical stripes!


She’s Glowing! (By goat standards)


“Mmmm. That pregnant Zebra from a few pics back looks pretty delicious.”


Fun Fact, these are pregnant Male Seahorses! (The males carry the eggs after the female deposits them.)


Tadpoles on board!



“I’m planning on doing one of those underwater births!”


“Maybe it’s just one of those weird pregnancy things, but I’ve just been craving muddy puddle water lately.”


“This pregnancy is making me so Hor(se)monal!”


“How far along am I? Oh, one week…in dog years!”


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