Arnold Schwarzenegger Goes Undercover as the Terminator in LA Streets

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You know you have made it as a celebrity when Madame Tussaud’s, the famous wax museum, makes a waxwork figure of you. The wax attractions look exactly like the celebrity they are molded after, and the museum attracts many visitors who are entertained by the lifelikelifelike dolls.

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People visit these establishments to see these life-like statues, and maybe take a photo with them. However, what would you do if one of the wax figures come to life?

arnold1 Arnold-Shcwarzenegger-Terminator-prank

In the video below, watch the hilarious reactions of people as they witness the famous Terminator come to life. In promotion of his latest film Terminator Genisys, and to support “After-School All-Stars”, Arnold Schwarzenegger went undercover in the streets of Los Angeles.

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The comments and response of the stunned spectators and unsuspecting victims will bring a smile to your face.

Watch the video below

How cool is that? He even had a showdown with his Terminator doppelganger!

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