Check Out the 18 Pia Wurtzbach Reactions Fitting For Every Occasion

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The new Miss Universe has quickly become a celebrity. Like all other stars, there is something we can learn from her by copying her reactions. Take a cue from Pia Wurtzbach, and exude confidence like a beauty queen.

How you react when your partner likes a random girl’s selfie

If your BFF tells you your crush likes you too

When you realize you misspelled something but you can’t delete the post because it’s been retweeted and liked already

How you walk into a classroom if your professor is already there

If you put the food in your mouth but realize it’s too hot



If you are looking through your crush’s Instagram and you like a post that is months old

When someone cuts in front of you in a line

When it’s finally your turn at the counter, but they don’t have what you want

When you’re asked why they should hire you

If you see your ex with someone you, and you don’t want to care



If you pass the course you thought you were going to fail

If you get an awesome grade on a test you didn’t study for

If you are at home before 9:00 p.m. on a Friday

If your favorite celebrity likes your tweet

If your teacher asks you a question and you answer it correctly



When your teacher calls you for the answer and you ask the person next to you for help

When you scroll through your social media and you read a spoiler

When you thought you were out of the competition and then it turns out you won

Congratulations, Pia!



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