Check Out the Twisted Logic of these Cats …What Were They Thinking?



We all know cats can be cute and funny, but what makes them so adorable is their own kind of logic, which is often completely nuts!

These photos reflect the real level of craziness our feline friends hide.

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Maybe this cat wanted a more challenging way of drinking

Well, it’s more comfy down under

It’s his own little door anyway!

Really, this is comfortable!?

Whatever floats your boat kid



Everybody likes to play

This is how you trap a cat

Cat logic

Eating dinner can be very tiring

Prefers more humble abodes



There is an easier way little fella

We’re better off this way

“There’s no way you can take it away from me!”

It will make sense someday

This is his own way of being comfortable



One cushion is not enough

You like it there?

Do you need help?

Did your friends tell you that’s a sponge?

Yes, it fits nicely thank you!



Check out these videos for more cat logic: