There are the Coolest Ring Bearers to Ever Walk Down the Aisle

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In a wedding, the entourage is just one of the important components. These couples decided to go with unique choices for their ring bearers.



Kelsie Curtis has a cool father. He built a remote-controlled ring bearer for his daughter.


In 2012 and 2013, it was common to have the flower girls or ring bearers carry signs. This is one funny example.


The people at this wedding had to patiently wait for the pet tortoise ring bearer to walk down the aisle.


This wedding was out of this world with their astronaut statue ring bearer.


This is Mr. Hamilton, the pig ring bearer.



This is good, if you want to include children who don’t know how to walk.


This is one way to ensure the ring is secure.


Laura Cressman selected a bomb disposal robot to hold the rings. She’s a mechanical engineer for Qinetic, and she designed a robotic arm on the Dragon Runner. The ring box fit into the robot’s claw.


The bride for this wedding has a sense of humor.




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