Cute Pets Getting Ready for Dinner



Pets can be perceptive when it comes to dinner. While some patiently wait for their meals to serve, others tend to get impatient, but like humans, they can also be picky about what they eat.

Watch how these cute little pets show their emotions when it comes to food with the photos below:

1. If her paws are made to open tin cans, these goodies would be long gone
"...You need help with that soup? Is it almost done?"

2. “Can anybody please help me use this fork?”

"Do we really have to wait for Harry to get here?"

3. These dogs are showing us what discipline is all about

So patient, these pups!

4. So when are you going to serve the dinner?

"Just a friendly reminder!"

5. Table Etiquette 101
What a polite pooch!



6. A hungry cat is an angry cat

"Leave me to eat alone, in peace."

7. “Dinner is ready!”


8. This cute kitty is getting really impatient here

You know that in order for me to cook, you're going to have to move, right?

9. “Sorry boss, I’m don’t eat beans.”

"I refuse to eat this until I get my daily dose of green stuff."

10. He’s seems disappointed without a dessert

To be honest, you could be a little more excited about this prime filet I made for you....



11. Sharing is caring

No mean girls at this dinner party...everyone's included!

12. Because he missed breakfast and lunch…

"I haven't eaten in one whole hour. Give me this moment."

13. “Hey! Where’s my dinner?”

"You're eating dinner WITHOUT ME?!"

14. The alarm clock just snoozed
"Wha-FOOD? There's no food! WHAT'S HAPPENING?!"

15. Seriously?

"See how I can sit here? Where the food goes? Yeah, that's not good."



16. “Can somebody put on milk to my cereals?”

Always there when my date bails on me.

 17. Poor dog

"I'll just wait...right...hee-*yyaaAAAaaaawn*-re."

 18. “So what’s the menu for today?”

"You didn't tell me we were having steak! I would have fasted all day!"

19. They smell something fishy

Okay, okay...I'll feed you early. Just...stop looking at me like that.



Have you caught your pet lately doing some weird rituals while having their dinner?


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