Do Not Open Till Christmas …See the Hilariously Creative Gift Wrapping Ideas


Christmas is fast approaching! The season for being jolly and the season for gift giving! Of course, you can’t just give your gift if it isn’t wrapped properly. Now, we’re not talking about beautifully wrapping it, that’s not what we mean.

We’re talking about a prank/gift kind of thing here. Why? Just for the heck of it. The emotion and facial expressions of people who open up gifts they weren’t expecting are always priceless, and the best way to give them that “shock” factor is by being creative with how you wrap your presents.

What you are about to see below are a series of photos, which we have gathered from all over the internet, so we can give you some of the best/worst wrapping ideas ever. Prepare yourself, your in for one heck of ride!

The Colossal Box of Infinite Possibilities


The Gift of Salvation

Well, isn’t it Obvious what it is?


The Dirty Sock Which Holds the Present


The “Not-so-Easy-to-Open” Wrapper


The Old Switcheeroo




The Wish That Was Granted


The Bag with Extra Gifts


The Literal Form of iPads (Eye Pads)


The Generous Cat


The Doll Who Came to Life


The Holy Cross


The Liquor Behind Bars


The Magnificent Antarctic Creature


The Improvised Gift Wrapper


The Mysterious Brown Box


The Secret Lies in Its Pages


The Game Inside a House


The Father of Christmas


Well, there you have it folks! We hope that you got a couple of ideas for wrapping your presents. A well deserved laugh from your family and friends, especially from the one who received the gift, is truly worth it. After all, it is the season to be jolly. Merry Christmas!



How to do wrapping correctly:

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