Do You Know What Your ‘Elf on the Shelf’ Is Doing When You Sleep?


Elf on the Shelf is sometimes cute and sometimes annoying. He’s a trickster that may make his way into your house for the holiday season. This little elf is not as innocent as he looks. Here are some funny pictures of this seasonal decoration:

Sophie the Giraffe is the Elf’s enemy

Poor little Sophie. What did she do to you?

Elf ruined your credit score

He took your credit card and went on a shopping spree.

Stealing from a piggy bank



He made a mess here

Elf’s little prank

She’s going to be shocked when she sees this

You should know better than to let the elf babysit.

Hanging out the washing




Elf is trying to blind you

Tragic spelling mistake

This is just wrong.

Elf and Chuckie make a scary partnership

Having fun with a photocopier


When he wrote on your face

When he set fire to the gingerbread house

He’s got such a wicked grin.

When he wrote on the family portraits

This is what he thinks of dental hygiene.

Wrong on so many levels.



Watch these videos below.

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