Epic Instances of People “Doing It Wrong” …What are They Thinking??



The world is full of brilliant individuals. Individuals who stand out because of the amazing things they’ve done or for something that’s worth their fame. However, the same world also has individuals who are… well, let’s just say not so brilliant doing it wrong.

The images below will show you some of the moments when people weren’t acting so great:

Guess the “red” color in traffic lights means that it’s a “go” huh? Also, where did that red car come from?


“Hello? Can you hear me?”


Pretty sur.

e that’s how a “proper” parallel parking looks like.


It’s still exercise, right?


Sure looks like a lot for the word “less.”


Well, dogs will be dogs.


But first, let me take a selfie!




Guess they’re more comfortable with the “kids” pool.


A more clever name for this dog would be Zebra.


This is just wrong on so many levels.


Well, they’re still beers anyways.


The one who thought about this is a real engineer doing it wrong.


Pretty sure it doesn’t work that way.


Put off the cigarette while putting gas in the car? Ain’t nobody got time for that!




A pepper that tastes and looks like salt. Creativity at its finest.


Hope you don’t mind if we bust the door open.


Pretty sure this is a PayPal advertisement.

tumblr nnlalt9jn61qjnhqgo1 500 Youre doing it wrong (33 Photos)

You got the body, but there’s no need to show off honey.


Good luck getting to where you’re heading.


What big fence you have!

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 10.24.55 AM

This is why all of us have trust issues.tumblr nqhr14bk7l1qjnhqgo1 1280 Youre doing it wrong (33 Photos)



This lady is truly staying “fit”.


Being able to read words upside down is an ability mastered only by a select few.


Yeah, he’s doing his job properly.


Might as well change it to “this side down.”


I guess we wouldn’t be only breaking the “fire glass”.


Aren’t you supposed to be taking snapshots of the game?


Ever tried having two showers at once?




What’s the use of it being removable? Maybe it can be transferred?


This is the proper way to fish. They’ve caught a lot of fish by now.



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