Drunk Guy at Waffle House

Drunk Guy at Waffle House Heads Behind the Counter to Cook a Bacon Cheesesteak


Four days in and this drunk guy at Waffle House has already won 2018. The Internet recently named Alex Bowen as their new hero after he drunkenly got behind the counter at a Waffle House in West Columbia, South Carolina, and began cooking his own order. Talk about self-sufficiency!

Now before you start whining over how Bowen’s actions were technically illegal, you should know that he only did it because the staff members were asleep. Oh and he somehow wasted off his feet too, so that’s pretty justifiable, right?

Drunk Guy at Waffle House Cooks His Meals as Staff Sleeps

Almost everyone has experienced being drunk in their lifetime. Despite the many times you’ve told yourself “never again,” the urge to have a temporary good time is always strong. So for Alex Bowen, a harmless night out with his friends was a good way to unwind.

However, Bowen began having a case of drunken munchies and started to look for a place to eat. So like anyone from good ol’ South Carolina, he decided to head to Waffle House.

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Drunk Guy at Waffle House Cooks His Meals

As Bowen entered the restaurant, he found out that the only employee was fast asleep on a table. He stood at the register for 10 whole minutes. But when no one else came to his aid, he did what we all dreamed of doing and headed to the Waffle House kitchen to make his own meal.

“It was around 3:00 a.m., I was pretty inebriated,” Bowen told ABC News. “That’s when I got hot on the grill with a Texas bacon cheesesteak melt.”

Waffle House

So he did just that. Armed with a lot of confidence drawn from his drunken state, Bowen made himself a Texas bacon cheesesteak melt. To document his escapade, he took a few drunken selfies and then proceeded to wrap his food. Amazingly, the employee was in deep slumber the whole time this was happening.

Though Bowen didn’t pay for his meal that night, he did return the next day to pay Waffle House for the food he took. His story eventually reached management, who weren’t too amused by it. According to reports, the sleeping employee was promptly suspended while investigation continued.

As for Bowen, who’ll forever be known as the drunk guy at Waffle House, he’s still riding on the high of his experience.

“I give all the credit to my old friend vodka,” Bowen said in an interview with BuzzFeed.

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