Facebook Is a Room of More Than a Billion People …But Which of These 10 Categories Do You Fit?


Sometimes, we find ourselves getting caught in a love-hate relationship with social media. We get hooked, then we end up staying up all night. When we wake up, the first thing we do is grab our phone and scroll down endlessly, even if we know we need to get out to beat rush hour. We can’t keep our hands off the screen. We hate it, but we do it anyway for the sake of knowing the latest celebrity tweet or what your BFF has to say.

Let’s talk about Facebook. This site alone has become a hub where people share their thoughts, their artworks, or photos. It also has a way for us to keep in touch with our loved ones. Its a news channel that keeps us updated about our friends and families lives.

As your everyday Facebook life goes, you will encounter different kinds of FB neighbors who can be classified into different categories. Read on and keep your Facebook friends in mind and see they fit any of these categories.

The Lolers

They are not really happy every time, but they literally have nothing else to say but “lmao” or “LOL” or “haha” on every post.

The Too-Much-Information Squad

These people love to share their biography on Facebook—and they often forget that nobody really asked for it.



The Hot ‘n Cold Couples

These FB couples are never ashamed to let all their friends get involved in their fights and dramas. Sometimes, we find their love story entertaining; but most of the time, it’s just plain annoying.

The “Host”

They are the annoying squad who fill your notification with their app invites like Candy Crush game.



The Event-Booster

This FB neighbor bombards you with many Facebook invites to random events. The most annoying part is when the invite isn’t in your area but in a faraway neverland that not even Dora’s map can find.

The Nanosecond Updater

This FB friend updates his status 100 times a day and floods your newsfeed with all the quotes they could possibly find.

The Drama Kings and Queens

They are the ones who post depressing updates and tell everyone how they hate their meal, their fashion, their face, their neighbor’s dog, and basically, their life.

The Annoying FB Versions of PDAs

These couples make your life being single seem even lonelier. They let the whole FB world know how much they are romantically attached to each other. Mind you, it’s nauseating.

The Pandora’s Box Kind of Friends

These are the people who misread the rules of privacy. They always play the role of spilling other people’s personal lives onto the table. Their status updates are the latest bombshell–time to un-follow?

The Weather Team

These are those Facebookers who always keep their friends updated about today’s climate. It becomes more hilarious when they add something ridiculous to the post, like someone who is from Canada and posts “OMG it’s getting cold! WHYYY!” in the middle of February, the time of year everybody knows is all about shivers and not summer heat.



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