Find Out How These Cats Are Caught in the Most Awkward Situations


Cats are typically cute and adorable. Their beautiful furs of varying colors always get our attention.

However, they also have their fair share of hilarious moments. Scroll down and indulge yourself into this list of cats being naturally ridiculous.

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“You didn’t tell me about this!”

This cat who had no idea his humans were going to bring back another, smaller one.

Overly excited cat

Fit to be a CEO

This cat whose problem solving face was not his most flattering.

Oops . . .

A camera-shy cat

Why a banana though?

This cat who has no idea what he did to deserve this.

Just trying to be wacky

This cat who tried to be as cute as her sister but just failed miserably.

A cat imitating Miley Cyrus

This cat who just wanted to see what air tasted like.

What a big chin you have!

This cat who got a little too friendly with some bees.


“Let me help with cooking!”

And this cat who didn't mean to ruin one.