Best Friends Sneaked into a Cinema Together by Dressing as One Overweight Person


We all know that watching a movie in cinemas can be an expensive form of leisure or entertainment that we all wish that we could just sneak in and catch all new movies for free. Well, these two guys seemed to have done just that in a move that’s pretty clever and somehow crazy.

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YouTuber Bo Johnson fulfilled a childhood dream together with his friend Matthew by entering a cinema as one person. That’s right, the two friends had to merge into an extremely overweight person—which isn’t as easy as it sounds—just so they could spare themselves frompaying for two people.


Bo had to dress in several layers of clothing, while Matthew had to cling to dear life on his friend’s torso. We’re guessing that the preparation period took several hours and determination to perfect.


When they were set to go, it went amazingly well. The unsuspecting usher gave Bo tickets and even asked for a donation, to which he politely declined. It almost sent out a message that an oddly shaped man had zero chance of being mistaken as two people.


to say, the duo quickly basked in their victory as they entered the cinema with just one ticket for two people. While it may have been easier to spill some dollars instead of having someone cling on you uncomfortably, we’re guessing these guys are just doing it for fun.

Watch the video below

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