These 15 Funny Cake Messages Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh Out Loud



The following people chose an original way to be completely honest with the person they are unable to confront face-to-face. Why can’t they face them? Some people just can’t tell someone what’s bothering them to their face.

Below are 15 hilarious, but extremely inappropriate cake messages that are just too honest.

The Cake is Basically Saying “Let’s Break Up”

Now, the people really took the time while baking to figure out that they wanted to end the relationship. Whoever made the effort of taking time to bake this cake and frost it with this breakup message wasn’t brave enough to have the conversation in person.

funny cake messages

Are You Trying to Apologize or What?

This is completely messed up. Seriously, what kind of friend would do that?

funny cake messages

Pregnancy Test on Teens

Whether this was a joke or done out of pure stupidity, some people should not have access to piping tips. We can only hope the poor pregnant teenager didn’t see this stupid and totally tactless cake message.

funny cake messages

Yeah, You’re Really Thankful

Jason’s girlfriend makes a good looking cake and she knows how to be passive aggressive. Jason did nothing for her birthday while she slaved away to bake him some cake. No sign of resentment here.

funny cake messages

Are you Serious?

This is scary stuff. If this cake message is real, this person should totally be arrested! We only hope that whoever this baby is, he or she is alright.

funny cake messages



Why so Gross?

Okay, whoever came up with the brilliant idea of trimming their toe nails, while baking a cake should raise their hands now.

funny cake messages

Hate to Break the Truth to You

This cake is probably a message that means there isn’t going to be any liquors at this birthday party.

funny cake messages

Pop the Question Already!

While this girlfriend is happy to be with her boyfriend on their three year anniversary, it’s time for an ultimatum. What’s a better way to ask why her boyfriend hasn’t proposed yet? By baking a cake!

funny cake messages

You’re now Six Years Old!

If you think about it, it seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This cake was probably made by one of his parents and this little kid obviously doesn’t give a damn about anyone but himself.

funny cake messages

That’s just Disgusting Man

No one would ever want to take a bite on this cake. Just read what’s written on it. Seriously?

funny cake messages



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