GIF Compilation of White People Having Hard Times


How hard could it be to perform simple tasks that do not require aggravating mental and physical effort? We understand that some are just commercials that are trying to sell a product, while others are just plainly being stupid.

These GIFs of white people will surely knock you out of your chairs laughing. Enjoy.

1.  How hard could it be to climb a hammock?

2.  It is payback time!

3.  He miscalculated the height of the chain.

4.  One thing is for sure, this guy is definitely not a surfer.

5.  Talking about down in the dumps.

6.  Balance is the key to seesaw-ing.

7.  Make sure you dive into the water.

8.  He took bowling to a whole new level.

9.  Poor little child doesn’t know how to duck.

10.  Reverse trust fall — not fun at all.

11. Ouch! That belly flop must hurt like hell.

12.  Maybe, the driver is drunk.

13.  Just a simple technique to slide down into a pool.

14.  Hello? Hell — oh wait, this is a microphone.

15.  Raise the roof with these snuggies.

16.  This woman just went full retard.

17.  How hard is it to set your cup down?

18.  This lady seems to have a drilling problem.

19.  She clearly has no experience in waitressing.

20.  When your Cheetos spill to the floor, it is the end of the world.

21. A whole new way to eat hotdogs.

22.  Do you think the stick got far?

23.  How often does this happen?

24.  Another Cheetos-related accident.

25.  Baking has never been this fun.

26. The container is overflowing with food. Let’s cover it anyway.

27.  Laundry day is painstaking.

28.  “It’s not my fault. They keep on peering out.”

29.  High five. . . to the face!

30.  Maybe it would be better to put the lid on first.

31.  Well, he painted the whole house.

32. That poor horse doesn’t deserve this kind of torture.

33.  How to peel a hard-boiled egg? Just mush them with your hands.

34.  How to cook a bacon unevenly.

35.  Uh-oh. Someone is in trouble.

36.  Another woman simply trying to do her laundry.

37.  Can you not be more messy?

38.  If this keeps happening, buy this waterproof keyboard.

39.  Hairspray is for hair only.

40.  She keeps complaining about the towel.

41.  How to not wash a car.

42.  No knife? No problem if you have a piece of wood.

43. Would it kill her to use both hands?

44.  That shoe is tight!

45.  Let me touch this pasta that was soaked in a boiling water.

46.  My homework is ruined!

47.  Putting on your shoes is a nerve-wrecking task

48.  He has clearly never heard of tongs.

49.  Beware of the attack of this hostile measuring tape.

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