Guy Takes Girl Home and Wakes Up to Literal Shitstorm …OMG!


We all have our own gross stories to tell. Though most of us do not want the world to know, but one lad bravely shared his grossest night on Reddit.

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According to this unfortunate Redditor, he went to the birthday party of his friend. He got drunk, and took a girl home to his house, where they did something pretty nasty. Later on, he passed out. From there, he didn’t have any idea of what was about to happen.


In the middle of his sleep, this young lad woke up with a bad feeling that his leg was a bit wet. Thinking that he might have peed while he was drunk, he slowly went to the bathroom for confirmation. Sad to say, what he discovered was much worse than he expected.

His whole right leg was completely covered in feces from the waist down to his knee. At that time, he was already freaking out. He then inspected his cheeks. To his relief, he was clean on that part.



The next thing that he did was to get rid of all the shit. While taking a shower, he was already thinking of a plan to deal with the “shituation.” Since he was so drunk, he had a hard time planning. Hence, he decided to go back to sleep downstairs.

When he woke up from his drunken sleep, the disgusting events of last night came flashing back to him. He quickly went upstairs and pulled open his room’s door.

“The English language fails to describe the smell that met me. I was hit by an odour wave so powerful that I recoiled back a step, like when you open the oven door to a face full of steam. The smell overwhelmed my entire consciousness for a few moments. When I snapped out of the pungent daze, I poked my head through the open door . . . carnage. Total carnage,” he narrated.


Because he was already screaming, his roommate rushed into his room and witnessed the horrible disaster. Both of them ended up crying in laughter. Apparently, the fumes had gotten to them.

When his roommate saw his towel covered in shit, they started figuring out what had really happened.


The girl obviously ate a lot during the party and found relief while asleep over the guy’s bed. When she woke up at some point, she seemed to be mortified at what had happened. So she ran away before anyone could even notice.

As soon as he had composed himself, the poor Redditor thought he had to clean up the mess. He said, “Back upstairs, I gingerly crawled across my bare mattress to sniff where the main pile had lain. A lungful of shit told me that the mattress was also soiled through. Solution? Bread knife. I spent a good half an hour manically sawing through the fabric and inner material to remove the soaked half before I flipped the mattress. Good as new.”

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