Having a Bad Day? Check Out This Photo Series …Guaranteed to Smile!


Life is anything but perfect. Today might be the best one you ever had in your life, but who knows what will happen tomorrow.

So to lighten the mood, we offer these funny photos to bring a smile to your face.

You may want to volunteer to escort this dog out after you finish laughing

He must be so thirsty

Her little fairy found a fiery escape

“Oh, your look is so overwhelming! Come here, folk.”



Dogs teaching you the doggy style like a pro

His obesity reminding him of the painful truth

 That escalated quickly from marshmallows

Another vote for a Darwin award



 Epic Fail

At least the door showed some sympathy

That’s a great stunt there!

Apparently, there’s a lot of love for his sister



Serious case of sexual abuse

Hmmm, I think they missed the instructions

Literally blown away

Because you are more beautiful than you think




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